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General Terms

1. The company
This website belongs to AKTI PAXON AXTE (Zigouris House) Vat Number 094221171, with their headquarters in Gaios Paxos, PC 49082, Greece. (MHTE) No: 0829K013A0041300.

2. General Information
The use of this website and the services provided by is subject to the present General Terms and Conditions, which apply to all online bookings. By booking a room or any other services provided by, means that you have agreed and accepted the General Terms and Conditions of Zigouris House.

3. Booking Procedures
Upon completion of the relevant fields through our booking form on our website, as well as for bookings made through our call-center or reservations made at our premises, you give explicit mandate to Zigouris House to proceed with the booking. After made a booking, you shall receive confirmation of your booking and purchasing by e-mail. You are obliged to verify the accuracy of the confirmation data and immediately inform Zigouris House for any discrepancies or errors in the original registered reservation. In case of late reporting to of any errors and discrepancies, Zigouris House bears no responsibility and you are not entitled to back out of the contract.

4. Bookings & Payments

– Bookings to be secured by 30% deposit of total stay amount
– Travel agencies must pay the whole amount 14 days prior guests arrival
– All remaining balances to be settled upon check-in of the hotel.
– Accounts can be settled by credit card or bank deposits
– Personal cheques not accepted
– VISA & MASTERCARD credit cards are accepted
– Check-in Time: 15:00 pm / Check-out Time: 11:00 noon
– Additional charges apply to late check-out (50%)

5. Cancellation Policy
– Cancellation up to 21 days prior to arrival: No charge. The deposit (-2% credit card expenses) is fully refundable.
– Cancellation within 21 days or less prior to arrival: the deposit is non-refundable
– Non-show: Total Reservation amount will be charged
– Early departure: 50% charge of the remaining stay

6. Payment
For room reservations through our website, payment is possible by credit card whilst bank deposit or electronic transfer may also be available. Before payment, Zigouris House is not obliged to transfer any travel documents to you. Zigouris House may ask you to submit any evidence regarding your address, a copy of your credit card or bank deposit voucher, before confirming your reservation.

7. User’s responsibility
For use of the application you must be over the age of 18 and undertake the liability for any use of this website by minors on your behalf. You are obliged to use the website according to the law and complying with our general terms and conditions. Any use of the application for misleading purposes or profit, or purposes that could cause any damage to the provision of services is prohibited. Any non-legitimate action in the use of this website shall result in your exclusion from accessing the services provided.

8. Copyright
The contents of this website are the exclusive property of AKTI PAXON AXTE (Zigouris House). Any copying, distribution, reproduction, process, sale, deception of the public regarding the real provider of this website, is strictly prohibited.

9. Modification – Renewal of the General Terms and Conditions

Zigouris House reserves the right to modify or renew the above Terms and Conditions regarding the use of this website, at any time, without having any obligation to inform the User.

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